Coderoad help in relational db course

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I am starting my journey with coding and that is why I ask for Your patience:)

I have question about problem with opening saved file
Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1.

When I open a file I can see only CodeRoad, but there is no terminal.
Where can I find it?

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When you click on that hamburger icon you’ll find some list option in there click on the one that says terminal then click on new terminal .

Ok, but i don’t see the history of my script.

What do you mean by the “history of the script”?

If you want to edit the script just double click the name in the file explorer pane

I meant I can save the query like in SSMS and after opening again see what I have written in erlier steps. I can see only CodeRoad.
When I log again do I have to use shortcut command \c?
is there option to see past steps in terminal?

no the terminal will not retain anything when it is closed and restarted.

To see a history of all the steps you completed you should scroll up on the CodeRoad tab and select the menu button at the top left to review the History.

The steps you have to do when you logoff and log back in depend on what you were doing.

If it helps, I’ve been dipping in and out of the relational database stuff, so I might know what issue you’re talking about.

When you go back into CodeRoad again and the project window opens up, you will need to start up a new terminal window of course.

Then you’ll need to log back into PostgreSQL:

psql --username=freecodecamp --dbname=postgres

Then connect to the database:

c\ database_name

Then you should find everything as you left it.

Thank You. Now it is clear for me:)

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My another question is what does mean this sign: (>
E.g. students(>
I see it in terminal instead of students=>

hmm, maybe you didn’t finish your last command?
(you have to use semicolon after each sql command)

Yes, I typed enter instead shift, it is my often mistake with 5 finger😬
What should I do then. My commands don’t work.

You can try typing a semicolon and enter

This may close the command

If that doesn’t work then exit the terminal and restart a new one.