CodeRoad not loading in window

I’m working on learn-sql-by-building-a-student-database-part-2. Everytime I load it today, I get an error, whereby the CodeRoad window remains blank and en error message pops up bottom right. It reads:

“Error loading webview: Error: Could not register service workers: SecurityError: The operation is insecure”

Anybody else getting this? Is there a workaround I can try? I’ve tried loading straight in codeally and, whilst that worked yesterday (when I was experiencing above issue as well), today their playground is 404ing.

I’m not seeing this - are you still having problems @obarzanka? Everything looks like it loaded up for you there. I would try to close CodeRoad and open it back up manually. There’s instructions and a gif here - it may take a few tries. Let us know if that works.

hey, thanks for checking! I’m still getting the issue, ie I load coderoad and then nothing comes up. I’ve followed the instructions in the gif, but just coming up with the error as usual :frowning:

Were you ever able to get it working @obarzanka? If so, what did you do?

Hello! I wasn’t ever able to get it working. And annoyingly when I’ve gone through CodeAlly directly, my completed challenges don’t transfer over :pensive: