Coding Bootcamp in chicago

I am looking for a good coding bootcamp. Is anyone know a good bootcamp in chicago ?

From what I keep reading around, bootcamps don’t seem so good.
I’ve never taken part in one, but in my opinion they go too fast to actually teach well.
They could be nice to “open the eyes” on what there is around, but so are web courses at a much more affordable price.
I would suggest you to take a look at Coursera or EdX for free courses that cover more or less the same content of the bootcamp.

Honestly whenever I read that someone pays more than 10k $ for a course, I get a bit shocked.
I’m from Italy and here one year on university (at least the one I’m enrolled in) costs at most 3.5k €.
And I already find it expensive, considering that in other European countries it costs much less.

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As a rule, coding bootcamps cost a fortune but they are not of good quality.

By the way, about two days ago I posted my review to The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course. This course helped me a lot, very easy to follow and very good projects.

Here you can find my review: