Coding Challenges Not Registering?

I’ve done all the exercises in the Introduction to Basic HTML and HTML5, and Introduction to Basic CSS sections. It says that I’ve only completed 14 out of 1408 challenges. It looks like there exist more than 14 exercise sections, and I thought that it said I had completed 14 out of 1408 when I had completed only some of them also. Have some of my submissions not registered? If so, how might I correct things? Does there exist some sort of progress bar to see exactly which challenges have gotten registered as completed?

Edit: It looks like I’m getting signed out somehow by clicking on the challenges. I have a different version of Windows, Windows 8, but I think I have basically the same problem as here: Can’t access Curriculum without being signed out Specifically, I have the yellow ‘sign in’ box appearing in the upper right hand corner when I click on the challenges after already being signed in.

Thanks in advance for any response and your time.

Maybe you’re not being logged in when you did those challenges?

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I think it’s something like that. So, when I sign in, it prompts for the coding challenges. Then when I hit that button, it takes me to the challenges, but the yellow ‘sign in’ box in the upper right hand is there. So, it looks like I’m getting signed out or something? And how do I stay signed in?

I signed out and signed back in, and that has fixed it. :grinning: