My challenges aren't saving

A month or so ago I completed the html/css section but now it says I haven’t done anything and on my profile it just says ive completed one challenge.

Anyone know whats going on?

If your FCC username is also “ajess33”, then this is your profile and it shows that you have completed 10 challenges, most of them today. Is it possible that the profile that you created a month ago was on the beta version of FCC? (Yes, this really happens). Another possibility is that you accidentally created a duplicate account by trying to sign in with a different method than you used originally. If you have not cleared your browser’s local storage since completing the HTML and CSS challenges, then you should see your previous solutions populate in the editor for each of those challenges and you can just click this “run tests” button to resubmit all of your solutions. Keep in mind also that those challenges are not required, so even if they are not showing up on your profile, you don’t have to redo them to move forward or to claim certificates.

Alright thanks for clearing that up I must have accidentally made a second account or logged in the wrong way! So I can keep moving forward and still receive my certificate without the html/css/bootstrap stuff?

Yup. The only challenges that are required are the ones that have *s next to them on the map.

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