Malfunction with progress tracking

The challenges I completed over my first several days working on FCC (week of July 18-24) are not reflected in the view, in the brownie points counter or in the calendar view for my profile. However, if I navigate to the specific challenges I previously completed, my work is still there. On the other hand, the challenges I’ve submitted/completed this week (July 25-28) are currently reflected.

Does anybody know how I can remedy this without reopening each challenge and re-running the code tests? In the absence of a fix, I’m somewhat uncomfortable continuing to use FCC, for fear that this could happen again.

thanks in advance

The calendar view is broken:

Your profile currently says you’ve got 62 brownie points and suggests you’ve done everything up to iterating over arrays - is that an accurate reflection or are you further along than that?

The ‘source of truth’ when it comes to your progress is your FCC profile, this will have a record of all your completed work and links to your working solutions. Also, when you view a challenge you’ve already completed there should be a small green tick near the title on the challenge page.

When you view previously completed challenges on a different device, they appear to not have been worked on, or they retain the work you have done while on that device (it’s held in local storage only, until it is completed).


The other obvious thing to rule out is determining whether you were actually logged in :slight_smile:

My profile suggests I’ve only completed 62 challenges total, some from Basic JavaScript and some from Object Oriented and Functional Programming. This is not accurate, as I have completed the following: all of the Basic JavaScript challenges; all of the HTML5 and CSS challenges; all of the Responsive Design with Bootstrap challenges.

For the challenges that aren’t listed as complete on my profile but which I did complete, the green check is not visible next to the title on the respective challenge page. However, the green checks are displayed to the left of the individual items in the lower-left corner of each challenge page (I have used the same device for all of my FCC work, so this might just be a reflection of what persists in local storage).

I sincerely believe that I was logged in when I completed the challenges for which the issue applies. But if the condition I described is consistent with having completed the challenges while logged out, that would certainly suggest I am mistaken. But how do I determine whether I was actually logged in? I don’t see any way to verify this.

You can’t really verify whether you were logged in at the time, I think. Once you log in, you should be kept logged in unless you clear your browser cache.

It seems that all of your recent work is saved but it’s the earlier stuff that was lost - does that sound right?

As frustrating as it is to lose work, the work that you have lost is not essential to earning the certificates. In the Map view, only those projects and algorithms with an asterisk next to them are necessary to complete the certification. More importantly, if you learned the approppriate HTML, CSS stuff from the challenges that were lost, at least you didn’t lose the experience of learning it :slight_smile:

I can’t see any open issues on the github issues trcker suggesting that anyone else has had this happen to them, which suggests there is something odd happening on your end (either with loggin in, or something else).

If this problem happens again, I would recommend posting you own GitHub issue so that the core team can asses the problem.

It seems that the code for all of my completed challenges is stored locally, and none of it is stored online.

Also, it seems that the state of the challenges I completed last week appears as incomplete in the view. The only exceptions are the challenges for which I retested my locally stored code this week.

Finally, according to the comment at the top of, “Challenges required for certifications are marked with a *” I see many incomplete challenges that are denoted with an * on the right. I also see that every one of my completed challenges is marked with a check on the left and an * on the right.

Only projects, basic and intermediate algorithms should have * next to them.

Have you completed any of those yet?