Profile progress calendar showing stuff from last year -- streak not updating

I haven’t logged into FCC in about a year. I’m jumping back in to the new curriculum and I’ve noticed that the progress calendar on my profile ( isn’t updating at all and is just showing stuff from 2017. Also, my streak isn’t changing as I complete exercises.

I’ve read that this could be an issue caused by linking my FCC account to Github. The Github account I used last year was deleted, and creating a new one with the same email address, linking it to FCC, and then unlinking them doesn’t make a difference. Any ideas what could be causing this and how I could fix it? It’s minor but very annoying.

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Bugs should be reported as GitHub Issues. Before creating an issue, please do a search to make sure that it hasn’t already been reported.

In this case, I know that at least one person has reported issues with the heatmap and/or streak not updating, but you can search for it and add your own details to it.

I’m having the same issue, did you find a solution already?

Unfortunately not. There seem to be ongoing issues with the calendar according to the github threads. I ended up just making a new account with a new email and starting over since I wanted to check out all of the new material anyway, but the calendar on my new portfolio is still messed up and displaying upside down for some reason. There doesn’t seem to be a fix currently.