.com or .design for portfolio site?

What do you guys think of the latter? I’m looking to specialise in WordPress development for the time being so just wondering how appropriate it would be.

.com is also available for the domain I want but slightly more expensive.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

I prefer .com because I think it’s more ingrained in our minds when thinking about web addresses. Of course you can always buy both and redirect to the one you prefer.

I would go with the cheapest option personally. Why pretend to be a corporation when you are an individual?

By the .com because you never know when you might want to use the domain for a business site (sole proprietor or corporation) some day in the future. I bought my several .com spellings of my name to ensure I had the option of using them for a business someday.

Why pretend to be a corporation when you are an individual?

But .com comes from “commercial”. It just means a business, that could range from a corporation down to an individual.

I would go for the cheapest option since you only rent the name. That means you are effectively paying forever. Let your skills do the talking, not your web domain.

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.COM looks more professional to me, you could also use .NET, .ORG, .ME, .IO, or even .MOE all are pretty cool extensions. Let us know what you pick :slight_smile:

Yeah, whenever I see any TLD name other than the originals (.com, .org, .edu, etc.) it just seems gimmicky to me. I know it’s not a fair prejudice, but that is how it seems to me. And it’s going to become more and more of a problem as names get used up. Maybe I’m old-fashioned (if 1999 is can be old-fashioned.)

I think there’s also the problem of name collision. For example, if you have company called Acme Web Design, I imagine people’s first instinct would be to check acmewebdesign.com or acmeweb.com or even acmedesign.com. They may not think of acmeweb.design. I don’t even know if most people know that that TLD exists. And if there are web design companies that have those other names, they may get your business.

Or maybe this is all much ado about nothing since people often don’t remember web addresses anymore but use links.

Pretty much. I can’t imagine anyone trying all the variations of acmewebdesign.com before Googling acme web design. Or if they’ve visited the site before, they just type acm into their web browser’s address bar, let autocomplete do its work, and hit enter.

It’s more about brand and perception. For that purpose, .com is more versatile in that it doesn’t pigeonhole you as a “designer” (though if you’re sure you want to specialize in design, .design could still be a good choice).

I used to think like that too but I think I’m coming round to the other domains names now. I dont really think we have a choice to be honest because all the .com ones have probably all been taken(the good ones at least). Since I started FCC and using codepen I have noticed .IO which I think is pretty cool.

.IO is good for employees. It means you’re serious about work.

.IO, .IO, it’s off to work we go.


Choose the best name you can, but more important is the content. If its a good site/info people will come regardless of it’s name.