Command 'CodeRoad: Start' resulted in an error (command 'coderoad.start' not found)

Im just trying to learn the Relational Database Curriculum.
I’ve already done the learning bash part of the curriculum, so I am vaguely aware of how CodeRoad works.
Ive started on the build a mario database project and code road simply isnt staring the project.
This is the error i get when trying to do the Hamburger menu > View > Command Palette > CodeRoad: Start.

Some fixes Ive attempted so far:
-Refreshing page.
-Soft Resetting the virtual machine.
-Deleting my container and starting over.

The error doesnt go away and I am not sure what to do.

Having the same issue! :worried:
Can anybody help?

Had the same issue! :worried:

Does clearing your browser history and cookies help?

I think it helped, I am good to go with the tutorial after clearing all my caches.