Command not found?

I’m getting
“-bash: clone: command not found” in the terminal after downloading git and trying to clone a repository. Why do they have to make this so difficult?

The command is git clone, not just clone.

I’m doing $ git clone (repository)

What is your OS? What shell are you using? Do you have git installed? Do other git commands work! Can you cut and paste the exact command you are trying to use?

High Sierra. Idk what shell is. I’m almost positive I installed git and restarted my computer. I’m not sure, this is my first time using git.

Try git help.

You’re not typing $ at the start of your command are you?

That was exactly the problem. Haha, thanks!

Just to explain: a $ is used in instructions to indicate the start of a terminal command. Your terminal may not display it, but the $ is pretty common to see when you’re working with the command line: