Getting Github repository on computer

I am trying to follow a tutorial -->

And i’m very confused. He proceeds to have you type in these commands to command prompt (im on windows).

  1. cd ..
  2. cd documents
  3. cd ..
  4. cd ..
  5. cd [user]/documents
  6. ls or dir
  7. git clone [url]

Now for me it errors at 2, when it says

The system cannot find the path specified

Any help? This tutorial has good ratings and i can’t see why i’m messing up. Basically its trying to put the respiratory onto my computer.

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I haven’t seen the tutorial, but I know on my Windows PC ‘documents’ is actually ‘Documents’ (the ‘d’ is capitalized). Those commands are navigating into the files on your computer to where you want to put your Github repo. I like to keep my File Explorer up sometimes in case I make a mistake on the file names, as they are case sensitive. Hope this helps!

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You are erroring out at step 2 because you aren’t actually in the directory where documents is.

These paths are all relative to where you stand, so this instruction doesn’t make sense because obviously the instructor doesn’t know hierarchy of your directories. It’s basically telling you to git clone a remote repository to your local machine in documents folder.

Therefore go into whatever directory you like by using cd commands and execute #7.

If you don’t know how cd commands work, I will refer you to this article. Look up cd section.

I would also change your category from Javascript to Git.

Good luck!

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1-5 is just going to the directory (folder) where you want your project to be. 6 is listing the contents of that directory (just to make sure you’re in the right place). 7 is actually cloning the repo. Feel free to just create your directory using file explorer. Right click on it and select “Git Bash Here”. Then clone your project.

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So i managed to navigate myself to github folder in command prompt.

Now how do i input my respiratory there like in the video?

Just like it says in the video: git clone whateveryourrepourlis.

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'git' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

I used

git clone

Have you installed git?

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Make sure that git is installed and in your Path variable.

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I have installed git and i did make my way to the folder with my cmd.

How do i do this?

Look it up based on your operating system and version.

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Try going to the folder via File Explorer, and when inside your folder right click on the open space to see if an option like ‘Git Bash here’ exists.
If it does, click on it and you will be able to type in your git commands now.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I tried replacing my git path with:



And i got: A path component can't contain any control characters nor any of the following characters: /" < > |

How did you guys do it when it comes to getting github or git (don’t know the difference) onto your computer?

I still have a little idea why i’m putting git onto my computer. Is it for remote editing offline? Why can’t i do it on, can i?

In the comments of the tutorial, you can see examples.
Code like <user> or <guid> means, that you have to insert your custom data.

Furthermore, using tutorials from 2013 isn’t that useful,
because tech is changing very fast.

Also you should read one of the 1000s of other topics here in the forum,
where all your questions are answered multiple times.


We need to get the url of the Git \cmd directory your computer. Git is located here:


So on your computer, replace with your user and find out what the is for your computer. (The guid may change each time GitHub updates PortableGit, but they’re working on a solution to that.)

How do i find my ‘guid’? I look it up and i find nothing on how to do so.

Just find where your git.exe is installed and use that path.

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Okay so i went off and did a lot of research to figure out what github really was.

Here is what i learned:

A git is something you can create locally on your PC and it saves all of your changes to whatever you are doing. It seems to work off commands and stuff.

GitHub is a graphical interface in which multiple people can work on it and you get to see what changes have been made and you can download it to your computer.

this is my first thing:

(It isn’t speech recognition, its just as my survey as a placeholder)

Now i have multiple questions:

Is there anyway i can view my project without downloading it?
How can i turn this into a git that is locally on my computer?
Can i create the Git on my computer without using GitHub(website, they have a downloadable version which i don’t know how to really use)?

My most important question: Why isn’t my CSS linking? I view the HTML after downloading it and see that my CSS isn’t running.

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Survey Form 2 [WIP] </title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="second">


Here is it on codepen if that helps -->

Git and GitHub in Plain English

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My most important question: Why isn’t my CSS linking? I view the HTML after downloading it and see that my CSS isn’t running.

Is there anyway i can view my project without downloading it?
(On github)

What’s the best way to edit a git locally on my computer?

I used Git bash to download it to my computer (same thing as downloading it directly) and now how do i edit it? Do i use brackets or something?

You edit the files with whatever editors you want.

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