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I just watched a tutorial about how to use git and GitHub.
I want to clone my project from my computer to Github. I just want to understand if what we call “project” is the folder where I have my html/css code and all the photos /logo or it is only the HTML and css code ?
I tried to clone the folder, but it doesn’t work… I watches few tutorials but this part is not clear.
Thank you in advance.

The project is your folder. You have to open the console and put the route of your folder. Or just open the console inside the folder. And press “git init”, then, create a repository in GitHub. Then follow the steps that GitHub new Repo gives you. It’s something like:
Open the console (where you “git init” the project") (vs code have a console inside) then:
git add .
git commit “first commit”
git push “here put the link of yout GitHub repository” origin main
That’s all if you want to “clone” your folder (project) from pc to Github (oficial name its “push”)
And yes, everything inside your folder its your project.

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@ricardoaguilarm Thank you very much for your help. I will follow your advices. :blush: :sparkling_heart:

No problem!
Git/GitHub it’s a great oportunity to learn how to use the console. If you have any question, keep asking. Good luck,

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@ricardoaguilarm Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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