Quick question on GitHub and folders

If I have my HTML, CSS and JavaScript files in a folder for each project, does it make more sense to upload the folder into the repository or is it considered better GitHub practice to upload the files into the repository separately?

I don’t know but I do a git add . which picks up all changes in the project and push/commit this to github.

If you do a git push, it will upload all your branches (and that means all associated files/folders that have changed) into github.com

There’s no need to upload your individual project folders one by one to github.

More info about git push

The “Hello World” exercise on the GitHub website was very simple, but that Git documentation is like a foreign language to me at this point. My plan was to add some of what I had on Codepen thus far to GitHub. I have only attempted to add one project (calculator) thus far. I copied the files to a text editor, added what was needed for it to work outside of Codepen, then uploaded the folder to a new GitHub repository. I suppose I should delete that and try again once I learn the git push. Are there any resources that describe it in layman’s terms? I’m a total GitHub novice at this point, but I keep hearing/reading how important it is for a web development career.

There’s plenty of tutorials on the net.

Try this one.