Comments in CSS🤔

I’m very confused as to where the comments in CSS should be placed. I’m on the Cafe Menu, Step #23 and when I try to insert a comment into the line of code the directions say to insert the code, it says i’m wrong. Can someone please point me in the right direction, what am I doing wrong?

background-color: burlywood;/* comment out line */

You’re actually supposed to comment out the entire line of code.

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How would I do that? I tried deleting the line of code and just putting in a comment, I added the comment to all sorts of areas in the code and it still tells me i’m wrong. I’m probably over thinking it though, i’m still a little confused as to how to comment out the line of code.

Ohh wait, yup, I was just over thinking it, lol, I got it, thank you!:hugs:


Everything in between /* and */ is commented out. If you want to comment out a line, you need /* at the start of the line and */ at the end.

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Thank you for your help!:blush:

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It looks like you already figured it out while I was typing. Good job! Happy coding.

thank you, I was struggling with this too :smiley:

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