Completed Code Missing

I have a feeling this may exist elsewhere but I’m unable to see my completed work when i click those I’ve finished - it returns me to the start.

Is there a space to click and see your completed challenges (with code and all)?

The above url will show all the challenges you have completed. Free Code Camp does not keep your actual solutions. Instead, they just keep track of which ones you completed.

I’ve been copying my solutions into pages (or could be any word processor) so I can go back and look at them later.

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Okay. Has this changed?

I’m asking because I saw people in the past ask about this (years ago on Reddit) and be pointed to actual completed solutions.

Thanks for the info. Totally understandable for a nonprofit not to keep that much data with millions of users.

I’ll do that from now on, thanks for the suggestion.

This change was implemented in June or July of 2018.

The challenges sometimes are updated and the old solutions may not be relevant. However, the main reason was to avoid having to host all of that data.