Completed Issue Tracker - feedback please!

Just completed the project - Issue Tracker -
Issue Tracker – Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects

With this project I learnt more about mongodb and express behavior, faced a lot of issues and solved them. I also modified the html pages for a better look, tested for accessibility, compatibility, usability issues. Most of them are fixed, some issues are not fixed.

Any of your feedback will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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beautiful , I’ll also make something like this

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Thank you @Advitya-sharma.

Yes, you also can make it. Go ahead

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are you on FCC discord server ? I’m confused on how to approach this project

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@Advitya-sharma, yes, you can get me there at around 9:30 PM (your local time)

oh but I dont know the username to tag you

if you don’t mind, can you share github link