Completed my first project- Build a Tribute page

Hello everyone;
I’ve just finished my Tribute Page project. Here’s the link to my codepen -

I’ve tried to build it with as little CSS as possible. I have tried to make it as similar to code provided in sample.
I would appreciate it very much if you could manage time to appraise my code and provide your suggestions.

Thanks is advance.

Well done, Madhokleena! I would reccomend putting your own touch on the site with a bit of CSS. I know you did it with little CSS, but I feel that adding a little bit of your style would make the site better.


Hello @madhokleena!

I agree with @hjanday, don’t de afraid to use CSS, use it as much as you can! :grin:

And here are some tips that i gave to another project and I think they are relevant to yours one too.

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Thank you for ur suggestions. :slight_smile: