Feedback Request - My first project: Tribute Page

Hi guys,
thanks for coming!

Well, i’ve finished this project… It was built with HTML and CSS.

I think the CSS part is a little bit messy :confused:

Tribute page:

Hugs from Brazil :hugs:


Hey, your tribute page project is quite good. But the playlist overlaps the next column on window resize. Other than that, rest of the page is great.:grinning:

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This is great! I really, really like the design and layout. And I especially like the idea behind the page with the added touch that the ‘Link to more info’ is about something that affects way too many people out there. I am sure there are ways to clean up the CSS part, but let’s be honest here. This is the first project on freeCodeCamp. When you go out and show others your profile with all of the work you’ve done, it will be a great talking point to say ‘This is where I started and this is how my code looked at the time’, and then transition to newer projects where you can say ‘This is where I am now with my coding and my knowledge’. I think people would agree that potential employers (if you are looking to make a career with this of course) will appreciate seeing your progress over time during your self-taught path. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks @nutanBhakuni. I’ll try to fix this.

Good point @alexgracie. I’m doing another projects and i already see some progress.

Thanks for feedback.

Hey Tiago,

what a nice one, really good enough for your first project… :crazy_face:

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