Completely stuck on the survery form project


I am stuck on the 13th and 14th user stories on the survey form project of the responsive wed design course.

User Story #13: Inside the form element, I can select a field from one or more groups of radio buttons. Each group should be grouped using the name attribute.

User Story #14: Inside the form element, I can select several fields from a series of checkboxes, each of which must have a value attribute.

My codepen is

I have the radio buttons and the checkboxes inside my form element.

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong and have been stuck on this for hours, can someone please help?

Try to pass your code through a validator, there is maybe some stray tag that is closing the form element too early

Just paste your html code in here and try to fix all errors: The W3C Markup Validation Service

If you need help write here

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