Compound Assignment With Augmented Multiplication

Hi everybody,

I’m having problem with this challenge.

var a = 5; var b = 12; var c = 4.6;
// Only modify code below this line
a *= 25; b *= 36; c *= 46;

That is what I’ve come up with, which also seems to be what requested by the challenge, but maybe I’m wrong.

Plus, on the left side there as black panel that says" testing the challenge" and keeps multiplying the numbers.
Am I doing something wrong or there is an issue with the challenge?

Any help will be appreciated.

You should only modify the given expression:

a = a * 5;
b = 3 * b;
c = c * 10;

You don’t have to do any math yourself.

It goes like this: x = x * num is equal to x *= num


Thanks for your time Jenovs. It really helped and I got it work. Thanks!