Concatenating python strings, integers, and floats as input

as a newbie, i am building an app that computes user bio data.
i want to set the strings and integers as input then concatenate what ever the user inputs, but I am having bugs in my code.
can anyone help out?

here is the code below!!

def out_put():
  yourName = input
  surName = input
  computeYourBioData = yourName + surName
  return computeYourBioData

print("Welcome To The book")
print("What's your name? ")
yourName = input("please enter your name: ")
print("What's your Surname? ")
surName = input("please enter your Surname: ")

computeYourBioData = out_put()

I need more clarification on concatenation

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You’ve already stored the input in these variables. What do you intend to accomplish with these lines? (You can delete them.)

You need to pass your yourName and surName variables to your function.

The concatenation is basically correct.

Thanks! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:Worked out

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