Confessions of an experienced coder

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been looking through #motivation quite a bit today and noticed there’s quite a few people that get disheartened when they don’t know something they ‘should’ know.

This is something I’ve struggled with myself quite a bit, so I thought this would be a good place to share those ‘should have known’ experiences. I’d like to show that this is perfectly normal and is nothing to be concerned about.

For example, despite being a web developer for almost 3 years now, I still google most form fields and copy and paste them into my work. I also constantly forget the difference between var and let in javascript.

These are some basic things I learnt at the very start, but for whatever reason they just keep slipping my mind.


I’m a senior software engineer and I need to google the difference between slice and splice every time.


Yup, we professionals make mistakes all the time:


Thanks for this everyone. It really helps keeps things in perspective for those of us who aren’t professional yet! :grinning:


If the knowledge is not needed repeatedly in your work then you do not need to remember the words, just remembering the logic/ability to google is enough. Good way of optimising your brain memory to cater to exactly what is needed.

If you need it then you will do it many times and automatically remember due to the work requirement. :smile:


Oh man. rtfm saves us having to keep all this memorized. I write it off as “my brain is for my own code and design, and the whole rest of the world is our desk reference” – the ability to immediately find the right answer is the move. Keep your mind for yourself :sweat_smile:

You are hereby authorized to forget everything a search bar holds if you need to. GO DEEP! Find that new stuff know one can copy and paste on StackOverflow yet

25 years of rtfm here. For the code artist, rtfm is part of the creative process. Sometimes we will all find ourselves just staring at an API reference until :zap: :bulb: :zap:

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