Memorizing codes

…I found it difficult to remember codes due to that,i always depend on google and youtube and am very disturb about it sometimes feel very worry and down.
If this continue,is it not going to worry me getting a job?
or is it normal? i need your advise.
Am currently doing responsive web design project…

Hey @matey1979!

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There is nothing wrong with looking things up on google, stackoverflow, MDN, etc. Professional developers look things up all of the time. A lot of the pros on this forum have to learn different technologies for the job and it would be a nightmare to have to memorize everything.

The goal should be to learn a concept, understand the basics and implement that in a project. It is completely normal to forget how to do things. There is a lot to remember. Over time you will start to remember things through enough practice but it is literally impossible to memorize everything.

Hope that helps!


Hi @matey1979 :wave:

Don’t get too hung up on memorizing things and having to look things up. You will find this is a normal part of being a developer. That being said, do focus on making sure you understand core concepts and the takeaways from each freeCodeCamp lesson. And practice, practice, practice.


@jwilkins.oboe thanks so much for your advise, most appreciated.

@robertgroves im very greatful for your advise…

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…much appreciated…