Are you supposed to memorize commands?

Hi, I recently started learning on freecodecamp. Currently going through the CSS visual design lessons and I’m not sure if I should be making notes/memorizing everything.

So my question is, if I’m hoping to eventually land a job as a developer/web designer, am I just supposed to know that these things exist and that I can look them up if I ever need them or am I expected to have all these things memorized?

Hey @deadman619 :sunglasses:, it’s not about memorizing or stuff like that, the more you practice the more it gets stuck in your head, don’t force anything to get into, just make sure you have maximum practice as much as possible, so when you land on a job related to those stuff you learned and practiced, it will flow like a water through your mind and fingers. So, don’t try to memorize, rather try to understand why these exist and what these things do, Cheers ! and Happy coding.!

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A lot of what you learn in the early sections of FCC you’ll use so often that you just know them without thinking, but professional developers refer to documentation all the time. The Sr developer on my team had to ask what the difference between slice and splice was just the other day.

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I want that Sr developer’s job. :wink:


You’re gonna be doing a lot of C++ then…

Ugh, no C++ for me. I only use, php, python, ruby, and JavaScript. I did at one point in my life learn perl, assembly, and fortran, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Perl was the first language I ever learned <shudder>. And I hope never to have to use assembly IRL.

Yes, you should take notes. And draw diagrams. Lots of diagrams.
No, you shouldn’t try to memorise things. Get familiar with some online reference materials instead. For starting out, W3Schools is great. Also look at MDN for more in depth material.
The best way to learn is to build. Things you use every day you will remember naturally. Things you use occasionally you can always look up. But its important to know that something exists so that you can look it up later.

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I constantly look stuff up. Too much to memorise, and you don’t use everything often enough to constantly remember it when you are a beginner.

Its research, if im using something like checkboxes and i want to style it differently i’ll look it up on W3schools.

If i’m making a navigation bar i’ll look it up on youtube, look at website templates and how they used it, and look it up on W3schools.

W3schools is the equivalent of wikipedia for college kids. It will save you if you ever need to know or if you forget something.

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