Am I supposed to remember all that this course is teaching me?

Currently just starting jQuery and it’s pretty neat, but now that I think about CSS/HTML things like variables for changing font-family and how margins work I would have to look back, is that okay? Or am I not approaching this course correctly. I think I am…

Any tips from the pros?

It’s okay, everyone looks back from time to time. That’s why we have google, stackoverflow, forums, books and resources.

The most important thing is to know that a solution exist and where you can find it. It would be impossible to remember every syntax, function or use cases of a programming language.

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I’d bet not one single person knows every css property and it’s values off the top of their head.

A book of mine, the author suggests that’s very normal and as long as you know what css is capable of then it’s fine to look up the syntax.

I look at JavaScript the same way.

The more you practice though, the more it sticks.

I find myself writing lines in js without reference that I wouldn’t have been able to do a couple of months ago, and to be honest when I first started with js I thought I’d never be able to remember any of it just like you are now.


Programmers don’t have to remember anything. That’s why we have Intellisense, autocomplete, and documentation. You’ll memorize the stuff you use most often, but you will forever be consulting DevDocs for most everything else.

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Just started my first job, and it’s pretty much a given that everyone developing is going to consult StackOverflow or MDN at least once per day.

Like @MARKJ78 said, as long as you know what it CAN do, the specifics of how can be looked up. That being said, knowing commonplace attributes and properties makes creating a page much quicker.


The most important thing is to just remember something exists and learn to google for your answer when you inevitably forget. Oh yeah and when you use code editors things get even easier with things like auto completion so you just need to type a couple letters.


Thank you and everyone else for your incite, sadly I do not know how to multi-quote.

I’ll be sure to try my best and stay mindful of this information. I am not sure what IDE to use, I usually program in Java and Eclipse doesn’t work best for Front end languages I downloaded visual studios I got for free because my college pays for it I guess.

This is something I’ve been looking for, for a while! Thank you for dropping this link in :slight_smile:

This happens to me all the time.

  • which method converts a string to unicode, String.fromCharCode or charCodeAt ? I don’t remember
  • what’s the difference between substr and substring ? I don’t remember
  • the 2nd argument of slice(begin, end), does it extract up to the index or exclude the index ? I don’t know anymore
  • and so on…