Need Help in memorising.. i just keep forgetting

So in general, this may sound like a lame problem but I have been trying to put my head into learning web development, it’s just that, I am not able to either memorize all uses or put them to use, it’s just after some time becomes confusing for a beginner with no formal education in coding, what should I do, to memorize them…I know it definitely sounds lame, but it’s bugging me a lot, I forget everything after competing challenges:(

Hey Alzahrahanifansari.

I understand the struggle. However, trying to memorize everything is not the way you should approach coding. There is a lot to learn but you won’t be able to memorize it all. However, you should Google stuff out when you aren’t sure about a syntax, a method, etc…

In addition, you should practice with your own (mini) projects to make sure you understand the concepts that were taught. Just like with learning how to drive a car, things at the beginning can feel daunting, repetition will make it easier for you to learn and remember.

Good luck and don’t feel demotivated, just keeping going!

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Thanks a lot, Clément H
It definitely gave me a boost
will work on it from this approach rather than cramping!
thanks for helping:)