Struggling to remember code

I’ve been struggling to remember code I’m still on the HTML + CSS course towards the end of it now and it’s getting to the part of where we need to make our own projects and I can’t even remember any code like I remember extremely easy stuff like p> and h1> but that’s it I feel like an idiot and disappointed myself, I’ve decided to look at the freecatphotos and read and copy some of that for my own project but I’m wondering how you guys remember code or things I can do for it to come naturally to me?

Coding isn’t about memorization. Its about remembering what tools are available to you and then looking up the exact syntax for those tools.


We look it up. When you’ve looked something up enough times, it eventually sticks. And then sometimes you don’t use that knowledge for a while and forget it. Then you look it up again.

One big difference between a newbie and someone with more experience is that the experienced devs have built up a sense of how pieces of the language work in general. It’s not so much that we remember exactly how something works, but we’re pretty good at saying “It probably works like this”.


building my first projects, i had to study the example projects thoroughtly, constantly jump on the lessons and recall how to do this and that and additionally google things. Even no i keep googling stuff and its generally the second nature for programmers and valuable skill to know what you look for and be able to find it. You will learn syntax etc with practice and experience, but its not a thing you should stress about


Repetition, repetition, repetition my friend.

You get better with practice. If you have to re-visit previous lessons to get a better feel on concepts you’ve learned then by all means. There’s no shame in looking back to move forward.

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It comes natural after do the same thing several times, and read the same documentation a thousand more lol .


As long as you will try to write the program without knowing the logic and steps this problem will persist I was also having same problem

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