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Hello guys, any tips or advice for the following problem:
I am a beginner and I understand the coding well so far but I cannot memorize it, the next day I forgot some of the coding. What am I doing wrong?

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Don’t try to memorize coding. Coding isn’t about memorization, its about problem solving and practice.


I am not memorizing it but I do not remember it even though I practice everyday

How long have you been practicing? Programming is a big area of knowledge and takes a lot of time to learn.

Like what was said above, don’t try to memorize it because its not possible to memorize everything. Dont feel like you are alone in this. This is a concern for the majority for new comers getting started. I thought the same thing when I first started. The more you work at it the more everything will stay with you and be more familiar. However, don’t think that is going to happen in the first few weeks or month. This stuff takes time and at times require patience. The more you try and rush things the chances the more problems you are going to have in understanding

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It is possible that you need to adjust the way you practice.

Are you building small beginner projects outside of class or tutorial?
That will help you remember more of the concepts because you will learn how to build a variety of things and build in repetition.

Also are you doing spaced repetition?
By revisiting material over a period of time it will help you remember concepts longer.

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Have you tried writing down important parts you’d like to remember ? Like for myself, I had a challenging time remembering rgb for my CSS. By reviewing it daily, I can know code rgb without looking at my notes. Hope this helps!
Check out my CodePen here:

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Could it be that you started with a language thats too heavy for a complete newbie?

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