Confused about viewport height on Personal Portfolio project

Hey guys can someone help me understand what the viewport height is? I’m working on the personal portfolio webpage challenge and no amount of googling is helping me understand what a viewport height is for user story#11 in the challenge.

I found the value height: 95.75vh in #welcome-section to let me pass the test but I don’t understand why that value works. I appreciate it if someone can glad me to the section that explains it in FCC or walk me through it to understand it more. Thanks in advance everyone for your help!

It is the scale that you place in your css. There are several measurements: px, em, rem, vw, and vh to name a few. viewport heigh (vh) is the size of your computers monitor height (top to bottom) and it always adjust depending on the monitor’s size. In your example “95.75vh” means that that portion that is labeled in the css (For example in the #welcome section) will take up 95.75% of the users screen.

Thank you @Hello_Forum so much for the information! I found that the issue was the padding-top I originally had in #welcome-section was the main cause to why I couldn’t pass #11 on the project challenge. I set the height now to 100vh, removed padding-top and now it passes the test regardless of how big my computer screen is.

This bothered me all day yesterday lol.

I’m glad you were able to figure it out :smile: and we all know about these parts that frustrate us so often, lol