Confusing approach in Balance Sheet step 52

I’m a bit confused with the step 52 of the course named “Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet”.

As I understand it, we want the make the width fixed like this:

  width: 100vw;
  max-width: 4rem;
  min-width: 4rem;

This makes sense and fixes the width always to 4rem, even though we set the width to 100vw.

So, wouldn’t this make much more sense?:

  width: 4rem;
  max-width: 4rem;
  min-width: 4rem;

I experimented moving the preview to a new window and opening DevTools, but nothing seemed to change.

Is this some sort of convention? And what does “(because we are using flexbox)” mean? No, we are using a table, what do you mean?

Thank’s for reading though.

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