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Sorry, but I don’t really get this site. There seems to be no place to learn, just a series of tests. I did see some link when I first signed up stating if you were just starting to start there, but now that link has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Maybe this is a community where people just come to test their coding skills and not to learn. If this is not what it is, then the whole flow is very confusing to me.

you can find the curriculum here:

the curriculum starts making you write your own code, with a hands on approach since the first moment

So basically, you have to learn code somewhere else and come here only when you’re good enough to start writing your own code? Well if that’s how it is here, then basically it’s no place for newbies to really learn, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, then you’re lost, even with those hints. This seems like a place more so for someone who’s ready to test their skills.

This is 100% beginner material… Check out Leetcode and Codewars for “skill testing” sites.

No that isn’t how it works. Just because you do not get 5 pages of theory first doesn’t mean you can’t learn little by little. Each topic is covered as briefly as possible and you get to try it out immediately. It’s practical lessons without a long theory class first.

I think you may have had your expectation of what a class looks like ruined by the traditional school class structure.

You do not learn to code by reading, you learn it by coding. Sure you have to get some information about what you are coding, but you really do not need much information for each step. Especially not when first starting out.

It is really more akin to learning to play an instrument or some other creative discipline. You won’t learn to play the piano just by studying music theory, you have to get your hands dirty.

Try it out and see.

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Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking, but as stated from the beginning of my thread: There is no guide, it just goes straight to the tests. I only say a guide stating something to the fact that “if you’re just starting our to start here (and there was a link)”, and I started learning through that link and then it never showed again, just disappeared. Now it just goes straight to the tests. Weird.

Is this where you started learning?
Link is posted below.

It sounds like maybe you started with the legacy curriculum.

Not only freeCodeCamp but other popular sites like codecademy also follow same procedure they give a brief explanation and then ask to implement it. If you want some long theory then might help because there is some deep explanation in that.

Yeah, that’s where I started, thanks!

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