Confused please help

acttually i am new at codecamp and heve dought i finished learning html but the info here at codecamp about html is much less when i compare it to w3school so i am a bit confused where to learn should i follow the curriculam or move to somewhere else .

You don’t need to know everything. Most of it you may never use. But instead of moving elsewhere, you can contribute to it’s curriculum and help others not look around for a specific method.

Here on FreeCodeCamp you can learn enough to get started! Not a single course will be able to teach you everything about a language, once you have the basics down and have started doing your own projects, you can learn more by thinking “maybe there is an easier way to do this” and searching on google, looking at the code that others wrote and researching what you don’t know, browsing random pages in the documentation…

FreeCodeCamp gives you some basics and then asks you to create something so you can internalise those, if prefer to learn somewhere else it’s your choice