I feel Im doing wrong way_

**Tell us what’s happening:**I feel Im doing wrong way
hey guys.
I try to learn coding with freecodecamp and after few weeks that I felt that Im doing good and felt so nice a bout coding ,in my first project that is tribute page i feel so down .i just took a look to lessons that i did in free camp and I think I forgot some of them and I also can not organize all the stuff that learn
any suggestion ?do you think I should review all of that 111 lesson in free camp that I did or should i keep googling and asking ?
(sorry if my english in not good)

What you are feeling is completely normal. It’s a lot of information. I think most of us went through the same feelings. Just relax, keep learning, and google and ask. You will forget some things along the way, but they will be easier to learn the second (and maybe third) time and gradually things will start to stick in your brain.

Great.thank you.I feel better now.

I think you should take a paid course (like on udemy for $10) or find some youtube tutorials on html and css. I personally learn and remember stuff better by watching videos

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keep calm , don’t loose your hope, something great will happen, do best as you can do
be motive …
live life coding

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thank you for your advice

thank you .yes I just need some hope that I received it.

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