Console Error in ES6 lesson

I can’t run my code in the ES6: Create a Module Script lesson because I’m getting an error in the console which says: “TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘forEach’”. How can I fix this? I have attached an image for better explanation.

Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. My guess is that your local storage got in a weird state.

I’ve seen this happen before, where one section of the challenge page ends up trying to run the tests from a previous challenge. A reload always fixes it, but I’m wondering at the cause. It’s one of those maddeningly intermittent things, making it total hell to debug.

Thanks but it did not work.


Let’s try a couple of steps here.

  1. Click Reset All Code. When the warning pops up, click Reset This Lesson.
  2. Hold Ctrl and press F5 to do a hard refresh of the webpage. This should clear out cached files and reinitialise the page properly for you.