Content getting horribly distorted in github pages


I have made a portfolio, which I tried tried uploading on github pages. But the content is horribly distorted, none of the css are working properly, every thing is overlapping one another.

I have made it responsive and it worked fine in chrome.

What can be the problem?

As @SkyC suggested, after changing every http:// to https:// in the links inside the <head> tag, my problem was resolved. Thanks a ton!

Here is my portfolio:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Same here, have not figured out problem yet, but very disappointing. Will let you know if I find an answer!


Could you post a link to the affected page? I’ll take a look and see if I find any coding errors that could be causing it.


Check your browser’s debug console for errors to help debug. (Ctrl +Shift + J on Windows/Linux, Command + Option + J on mac).

If your portfolio is the one at, the issue is that all of your resources need to load over https instead of http. Update all the links in your <head> that are currently using http:// to use https:// instead.


Thank you so much :smiley: that solved the issue. That is my old portfolio, I have made a fresh one now (see update) :slight_smile: