Help hosting a portfolio on github pages

First off, my problem has to do with my github page not looking like it does on my local machine. I think there might be a problem with the way I linked the images from the image folder. further explanation below.

I made a nice little css grid with my screenshots of some projects I’ve done with links to the codepens where they’re hosted with clicks. When I run the project from my local computer in Chrome, it looks like this.

When I go to my github pages, the links still work when you click but it looks like this.

here’s a link to the git repo:

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Do you have any errors in the browser console?

Do you have a link to the live github page?

A link to the original pen?

I think I got it; I had a similar issue. I put your image files directly into the ‘images’ folder and delete the ‘projects’ folder. I forked your repo, here are the changes I made and here is the github site.

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I’m glad that someone was able to help you.

But I would like to add that you may want to rethink “dmoneyballer” as your nom de code. I might consider something with a more professional sound. I’m sure some employers will find it cute, but others might get put off by it. Every little bit counts. Your FCC account may not matter, but I’d definitely rethink a name for your github and any other professional accounts.


I might also point out that your image files end in .JPG but in your code it is .jpg. In some environments, that makes a difference. I would be consistent in your naming. For assets like that I just tend to do all lowercase to avoid any confusion.

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Thanks Kevin for all the advice, I guess when I see the username field I just default to Dmoneyballer as opposed to my name, I’ll change that to be more professional.

Thank you so much for your help.

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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