Portfolio Page - Feedback Wanted!

Hey guys,

Below is a link to my portfolio page. I spend a long time working on the project grid layout and the animations involved. A lot of trial and error! Let me know what you guys think and if there could be any improvements in the code/design.



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I see you like to use a lot of animations. I like that.
Your project images don’t work.
Nice job with the spacing.

Images seem to work fine in Chrome but not in Safari or Firefox? Any suggestins on what could be causing this?

imgur is really funky with codepen. Try and avoid using that hoster if you can help it.

I’ve seen a lot of people recommend hosting your images on github and linking to them from there. That might be something worth considering.

Other than that good job! It’s a very crisp website.

I am using chrome, but the images are dead. Also, your games are dead links. They always go to a page that says ‘not found’. Are you sure your got the right URLs?

After doing some reading it turns out that Imgr doesn’t like people using their site for content hosting so they block the links. I have opted to host them on dropbox so hopefully that works. I have also made the game projects public so they should also work now. Thanks for the heads up guys


Nice work!

To host your website for free, I’d recommend using GitHub pages. Then you can store your images in a folder along with your code, and even publish it to your custom domain.

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