My personal portfolio project

Please, give some feedback on my Portfolio page.


Hey Oleg!!!

Good job on the portfolio page!!! And it looks like you have done some projects other than FCC!!!

A suggestion I would give is to practice some CSS. Your games and websites seem to mostly devoid of CSS. A little CSS can go a long way!!!

So keep learning new things and working on new projects!!!

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Heya there! I think it’s pretty impressive that you’ve created games too! Overall, you’ve got a good portfolio.


  • Add a short bio section, so viewers can get to know you a bit more. After all, you aren’t a robot, heh.
  • Perhaps swap out one of your colors(white,black,grey) for a more lively color. Alternatively, you could pick a completely new color scheme.
  • To me, the portfolio items would seem more pleasing to the eye if they were of equal proportions(same width+height). That’s just me though.

Awesome job and keep it up!

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