Personal Portfolio Page, Projects Img Issue

Problem with loading images of my projects.
I tried getting printscreens of my images then uploading them to instagram and googleDrive and the links do not load.

Anyone have a good idea to solve this issue?
The original gets the images from a github cloud.

Help! :pleading_face:

I heard images hosted from works.

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I ran into a lot of issues with personal images as well in my portfolio page through codepen. Github is the way to go in my opinion. I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “the original gets the images from a GitHub cloud.” When I was working through this project with codepen, I uploaded all my website images to a GitHub repository. The links worked for me then. An added bonus to doing it this way, is you can then migrate your codepen project to GitHub in the future.


Perfect, thanks @shimphillip!!! I’ll try that inmediately! :grin:

@jchawkins725, thanks for the reply!
Oooh, ok. I do have an account but I haven’t really used it. So I should make a new repository and then I can upload images to it?
And by “the original” I mean the example in codePen that FreeCodeCamp gives us. I checked their code after forking it and the link thy use for their images is from a cloud.github domain.

Ooooo, that migrating my projects to Github sounds good. That would be good for building curriculum and trying to get a job from there or why would you recommend to migrate my projects to Github??
I’m new :sweat_smile:

Yes, create a new repository and add any images there. Those links should work within codepen. This repository can be for your portfolio, so, when you want, you can then migrate your code locally and into git. I would highly recommend learning git, the command line, and GitHub. There are a ton of tutorials that can get you started, but when you do, you can start creating locally, use git (version control), and build your online presence. Git is just one of those core tools and makes you more employable. Everyone uses it and it showcases your involvement in code.

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Awesome! Thank you very much for the tip @jchawkins725!!
I will sure do that, right now I’m already fighting my way into using GitHub.


Perfect, thanks
There are a ton of tutorials that can get you started, but when you do, you can start creating locally

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