Personal Portfolio Page, Cover Photo Link

Hi everyone, I wanted to add my other codepen projects into my personal portfolio page as cover photo links in the projects section. I looked around but I couldn’t find anything. I would appreciate the help.

so u want to add codepen projects
into ure personal portfolio page
as a cover photo
link? u want a link of the personal portfolio link? our do u want a picuture of it all?
would u be so kind to clarify using:
what excatly do u want?
where do u want it?
how do u want it?

Picture :slight_smile:

need more info then that kind sir

I want picture-links for the projects section that shows my codepen projects

if you want a picture of it. why don’t u take a screenshot?

If i am doing it locally yes I could do it but to do it online there needs to be a cloud storage

well if u are looking for cloud storage i would recomend amazone
after u set up an acocunt u can easely use the links to get the images everywhere

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amazon?? how did you do your portfolio project ? did you also set up an amazon account

Using Amazon seems a bit overkill for just hosting images. You can just use a simple image host. Just make sure it works with Codepen (e.g. don’t use Imgur).

Thanks that’s what i thought but I already solved my problem with uploading it to github. I only had to create a repository and the link had to be the raw image and bam! it worked. Also i used the img tag inside and a tag so all went well as planned. Thanks though.

yep i did because i also was planning onto more in the future

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