Contribute to make dictionary and write single line of code to remember

Hi, I came here with another one, while learning and programming I came up and saw new links:-

Now, I think when we learn any new language we first learn words, with their meaning, then try to arrange and build a sentence then paragraph and so on.

Now, I am thinking of making two things:-

First can we build a collaborate project for the code of dictionary where any program can get into, So our peers really understand and right code well.

Here’s the link for programming dictionary:-

Then we help peers to understand and make it into sentences of code where they can right and code short one line programs. Here’s a link:

Then we gave some small tasks for making single group programming and the multiple groups and son on.

Through this we can also build community where student not only read but can also understand by talking to senior person or mentor to explore.

While I would like to make some audio videos which teach priors to learn and understand the tags and code words.

I would really love to take feedback’s and suggestions! Please share and contribute.