Contributing to the Guides. Help with Git

Hey, everyone.

I have some questions regarding my pull request, and git in general.

My pull request is here:

You can see the commit that says:
“Add line break for links/period”

Which is my original PR. Through git, I added an upstream master, so that I may pull the recent changes from the guides to my local repository. Doing so, git pull upstream master, accomplishes this, I think(?). Then I’m prompted to commit those changes, which I’ve done. But they’re committed to the pull request I submitted, which you can see in the above link.

So there should really be only one commit to this PR(as far as I know), right? Why are those commits being pushed into the PR, rather than my local repo?

I feel like I’ve messed things up, and I should probably get a refresher on git. Or, maybe I haven’t(hopefully, haha).

Thank you in advance.