Github Question

Hey all quick question,

I just finished my submission for the tribute page project, and I decided to upload the files I made onto GitHub just to practice using it a little. So, when I first created the master branch I added the essentially empty html and css files, and now that I’m finished I wanted to commit the completed files, and merge it just to go through the process. So, I made a new branch based off the master, dropped the files onto the website, went through with the pull/merge request, and then thought I successfully merged everything to the master branch but now the branch still exists and it says “this branch is 1 commit behind master.” Can anyone point me in the right direction of what I need to do in order to complete the push to master?

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A git pull should resolve the situation.

Since I wasn’t using git before, do I have to install git, then clone the repository locally and proceed from there?

You definitely have git already, otherwise you never would have been able to make a branch or push it. If you’re using a GUI for git, you should probably install the command line version separately, yes.

I added the files using the GitHub website previously, but I will download the command line version then.