New to git,github, and vs code

So i’ve been trying to figure out how git and github works. Watching tutorials and all that. So far I have posted my progress of the website I have been working on. Ill post the link in here to my github if you feel like checking it out. Anyone else got input for push/commit through VScode. I have been using VScode as my code editor as well.

(GitHub - jameskalvitz/Band-HTML-CSS-website-construction: A website in the works using HTML/CSS for a band I play in.)

There are tools for integrating Git with VSCode, but most people I know just use the terminal. git pull, git checkout, git add, git commit, git push. That’s the vast majority of what you’ll do. The weird edge cases that come up when something goes wrong, you google.


Hi @gabora94 !

I know vscode has a way to bypass the terminal and push commits using their interface but I agree that you should just use the terminal.

Also, be careful with your commit messages.
Right now they are not that descriptive like update html file or update css file.

When you start building projects, you will want to have a more descriptive message because if you have to go back to a previous commit then it will be alot easier to find that way.

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