Convert HTML Entities Intermediate algorithm

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Unable to pass the tests, though the output is correct.

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function convertHTML(str) {

str= str.replace("&","&​amp;");
str= str.replace(/[<]/gi,"&​lt;");
str= str.replace(">","&​gt;");
str= str.replace(/"/gi,"&​quot;");
str= str.replace("'s","&​apos;s");

  return str;

convertHTML("Dolce & Gabbana");

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Wow. Huh. Tracked back your problem, and it was a doozy to track down.

I actually went back to the intermediate answer, copied theirs, ran the two side by side, saving them into separate strings, and comparing the strings letter by letter.

You have an invisible character following your ampersand in every case. Not sure what you did, but that was the glitch. If you want to see the comparison of the two cases, i have it as a fiddle.

Actually, had I been paying attention, it displays it as a strange character in the jsfiddle editor. sigh.