Convert html titles:

How to write &amp ; (no space) without being converted into ‘&’;

Does backslash work ?
Like this
Or try this
&amp (But may need a semicolon at the end)

Dear hbar1st
No & didn’t work

That semicolon is the problem.

Can you paste your code so we can play with it?

function convertHTML(str) {
  // :) 
  let myStr = str;
  console.log(myStr.replace('&', '\&'));
    str.replace('&', '&')
  return str;

convertHTML("Dolce & Gabbana");

It is not complete yet.

Can u try %26 Instead?

%26 simply print ‘%26’
It did not convert into &amp ; (without space)

Is there anything like .escape() function with sanitize input?

maybe this one?

or this one

Not sure what is the difference on first look…

It convert string into url
it act like a string to url encoder
But has no effect on &amp ; (without space)

I think I’m misunderstanding something. You want &amp to appear as &amp ?
But I think you tried escaping right? Like this? \&amp ?

It didn’t have any effect.