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Is there something obvious I am missing? I ran my code in browser console and I got expected result

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function convertHTML(str) {
  const arr = str.split('').map((letter) => {
    if (letter === '&') {
      return '&'
    } else if (letter === '<') {
      return '&​lt;'
    } else if (letter === '>') {
      return '&gt;'
    } else if (letter === "\"") {
      return '&​quot;'
    } else if (letter === "\'") {
      return '&​apos;'
    } else {
      return letter
  return arr.join('')

convertHTML("Dolce & Gabbana");
console.log(convertHTML("Schindler's List") === 'Schindler&​apos;s List')

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&amp; is fine, but the other return values have a non-breaking space between the & and the first character:


When I get to &lt;, the cursor isn’t static there, I’m pressing left and right, it’s just going left and right over an invisible character.

It’s because wherever the entity code has been copied from includes these, it’s a common issue. Delete the character between & and the first letter for each of the values, and the tests will pass.

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