Converted Jessica Wilkins' html boilerplate into Emmet

The complete snippet: "html:boilerplate": "html[lang=${lang}]>(head>meta[charset=${charset}]+meta[http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'][content='IE=edge']+meta:vp+title{${1:Document}}+link[rel='stylesheet' href='styles.css'])+body+script[src='index.js']"

How to add snippets in VS Code: Creating Custom Emmet Snippets In VS Code — Smashing Magazine

The post by Jessica Wilkins : Basic HTML5 Template: Use This HTML Boilerplate as a Starter for Any Web Dev Project

Hope everyone has fun with this. Paste the complete snippet under snippets under html.

Hey! i just have a question, if you type the “!” character and hit enter in VS code, isn’t this the same snippet as that?

Not quite actually. Jessica’s boilerplate includes a reference stylesheet called styles.css and a script called index.js.

Ahhh got it. i’ll try it out then. thanks for sharing! :smile:

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