Copyright Rules for Website

I am beginning to build my website. Even though I am using much of my original content I want to be able to post other peoples meme’s, pictures, videos (from youtube for example), and jokes on my website. Am I legally able to do this if I provide a reference from where I got it from? Is this legal? Thank you

Embedding someone else YouTube videos is totally fine
quoting someone else is fine as well.
But for pictures, you expose yourself if you use someone else picture without permission. I do not know about memes though.

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It depends. If the material is published with a creative commons license, then you must abide by those restrictions (for example, you may be able to share, but not modify, etc). Legally, any material for which the creator does not explicitly give permission for reuse (either of their own volition or as a term of the hosting platform) then they have complete rights to it. Are they likely to actually make a claim against you? Only if it’s a large media company. Technically though, if they don’t say you can use it then you “can’t”.