Corona crisis and web development career

What is the future of a front end developer after the corona pandemic. ?

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As it is impossible to accuratly tell the future we can only predict.

Some might say it’s raising more then before. Due to the already shortage of developers and, you can make allot of money in it. It’s safe too since you can be able to work from home.

Some might say it will be easier to make a switch to a programming languagse.

Some might say technology’s will catch up and learning web development might not be such a good idea. Since it will be more automated.

To me personally, I think the future remains brighter for front end developer but it’ll get to a point where software and web development merge into one. But we can never tell how soon it’ll be. (My Opinion)

Personally I think the world in general is heading towards more automation and remote work which - covid-19 may speed this up -also gives more opportunities for developers as more jobs in the field will open up to implement and maintain the systems needed for that. At some point front end and back end will merge, I actually think it already has to an extent but front end jobs aren’t going away soon imo

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The only effect I see this crises potentially having on web development is that there might be slightly less resistance to remote or semi-remote work arrangements. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t see any impact on developer jobs long-term.


Now in this situation, it is the toughest question to answer. The effect of covid-19 is increasing day by day and still there is no good news from the researcher. Actually, the future is blur to me.